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First of all, how does this happen? Doesn’t somebody have to be pressing on the gas or some sort of lever for this thing to actually go anywhere? And also, if it weren’t for that light pole, how in the hell would this have ever stopped? Blow out the tires? Tip it over with a […]


A man by the username of Mr. Biscuit on Flickr has posted a set of photos taken while he was a security guard at Universal Studios back in the 80′s. The photos show the set of the Back To The Future film and offer a quick visual rundown of how they changed some sets from […]


This isn’t new news at all, but I find this so fascinating that I’m putting it on my list of places to see the next time I’m in Detroit (which might be soon if work goes well). Anyway, the old Detroit Theater (or Michigan Theater) in Detroit, MI was built in 1926 by architecture firm […]


Pierre pointed me to this wonderful photo of a parking garage by Brad Gillette. That’s definitely one way to look at a parking garage, no?

Dunlop Tires (or should I say, tyres) created this video to demonstrate the amazing performance ability of their tires. Of course, owning these tires won’t enable you to drive like these stuntmen, so don’t even try this with your own car. I actually thought it was just filmed backwards until I saw the cars jump […]