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Magic of Rahat is fast becoming one of my favorite YouTube channels. In March, he posted a video where he gave a winning lottery ticket to a homeless man named Eric. The world was touched when the homeless man generously wanted to give Rahat some of the earnings. An emotional day for the two of […]

Whimsical ad for the New York Lottery. Kind of like those odd Skittles ads mixed with a bit of Old Spice.

I am now a subscriber to The Listserve and a possible future contributor to their database of 1 million (are these #’s accurate?) subscribers. What in the world do I mean? The Listserve is described as an email lottery where every day a single person is chosen to write to a growing list of people. […]

Kevin Richardson’s Speed Camera Lottery idea won the Volkswagen Fun Theory contest and he was able to put his idea into practice in the video above. By placing the fines from speeders into a pot, Kevin’s Speed Camera Lottery randomly rewards people who are following the speed limit in hopes that this reward will encourage […]

Oregon Lottery “Beard World” from Nathan Love on Vimeo. Nathan Love created this look into Santa’s beard to see what sort of shenanigans the Oregon State Lottery can think up! Looks like a nice place to be, no? Oregon, I mean.

Your Lucky Day from Dan on Vimeo. This Vimeo short movie by director Dan Brown had me at the edge of my seat! It stars Rider Strong (who you may know better as Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World) and tells the story of a few strangers whose lives become intertwined because of one lottery […]