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Race relations are high yet again in Florida due to the case between a white man named Michael Dunn who shot two black teens in an SUV, killing one of them named Jordan Davis. The argument reportedly started because Dunn had asked the teens to lower the volume of their music. So sad.

LOUD is premiering a new YouTube series called Roll Models that takes place in Orange County, California to show us all the world of night clubs, gogo dancers, import models, and fancy cars. It stars some familiar faces like Jowe and Scarlet from K-Town. Parts of this episode remind me of Amy Schumer’s Compliments sketch.

Watch these really loud guys build a jet bike. And yes, it works!

Haha, this looks funny. A new series from LOUD directed by Jackson Adams.

This is an unusual thing that I’m just learning about today. A bunch of Brood II 17-year cicadas are expected to hatch this summer and turn the East Coast into a noisy frenzy of bug mating calls. The Brood II Cicadas only hatch every 17 years and this batch has been underground since 1996. There […]