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Damn. This one is hard to watch. VICE tells the story of two detectives in the small town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana who were in charge of investigating child molestation and satanic rituals at a church called Hosanna. The case in question is special in part because it was the inspiration for at least some part […]

This is such a sad video about the Isle de Jean Charles in Louisiana which in recent years has become more and more prone to hurricanes, storms, and flooding due to erosion, shortening shorelines, and rising seawaters. There are some residents of the island who still refuse to move.

This is so crazy! Filmed on August 21, 2013. Where do the trees go?????


Photo: Tom Walsdorf/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest A photo showing the Louisiana floodwalls being built after Hurricane Katrina.

Digital FX in Louisiana got their hands on a RED EPIC-M and they give us a video tour of the camera body which shoots 5K video. They compare the camera to the original RED ONE camera which looks like a HUGE BEAST when they’re sitting next to each other. So awesome.