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Pretty much exactly as I saw the station a few weeks back. Looks like they don’t really do much here during the day. At night though it does get pretty busy with workers.

Quite possibly the only video worth watching of the abandoned 42nd Street Times Square lower level subway station. As far as I know, this is one of the hardest abandoned stations to get into simply because of its proximity to Times Square (one of the most heavily policed areas in NYC). The abandoned station seen […]

Not a very bright place. But apparently, it’s not so hard to get into from the Carroll Street subway stop (just go backwards).


Been a little obsessed lately with the old 9th Avenue Lower Level subway station along the D line that’s been closed since 1975. As always, photos are pretty wonderful, but visiting in person is always the best.

Nevins Street on the 1 line. Never completed in full, and never quite really used, except for urban exploration I suppose. I want to go here. Looks magical!