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Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is home to a brand-new sophisticated piece of machinery known as the Vanderlande Industries baggage handling system. It is an automated system that pre-sorts luggage and transfers it to its intended destination at incredible speed and accuracy. It even automatically handles baggage that comes in early and stores it for later distribution […]

I didn’t know Crumpler made luggage. This is a funny way to advertise it.


  I’ve been looking at carry-on luggage packs. I think I’ve found the winner in this Disney Tinkerbell 18″ Rollaboard Luggage. PS: Also, see all the related items.

This past Christmas Eve, Spanair surprised a flight full of people at the airport with unexpected luggage at the carousel. As you can see from this professionally produced video, it’s all part of a good-image scheme for the company, and heck, I think it’s working!


I caught word of this neat cargo attachment for bicycles at cyclelicio.us. It’s called the Burley Travoy and it’s basically a portable hand-truck that unfolds with an arm that clips onto the seatpost of a bike. The Travoy allows for up to 60 pounds of towing capacity which basically turns your bicycle into a perfect […]