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Posting this because I want to go to the area underneath the Williamsburg Bridge just outside the Essex St. station.

I never saw this exhibition at Hong Kong’s M+ in person, but I’ve been really enjoying the videos from it. Wish this exhibition had an accompanying book to buy.


This is so ridiculous. Leica teamed up with photographer Ralph Gibson to put out a limited edition M-Monochrom b&w camera that costs $28,000. The regular Leica M-Monochrom is $8000.


I don’t normally watch unboxing videos, but this one for a $6000 Leica M Type 240 was worth it. The box for this camera is pretty neat and then, of course, the camera itself is nice too. Steve Huff is a lucky bastard.

This guy said he rented this Leica M Monochrome from Lensrentals.com but I don’t see it on their site. Anyway, it’s the first videos I’ve seen of anybody using the M Monochrome which I still think is a bit insane of Leica to produce. But what do I know… Seems like a good camera overall […]

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This still baffles me, but apparently camera makers are so convinced that there’s a large enough market for monochrome (black and white) capture cameras that the industry has already produced two: The Leica M Monochrome and now the RED EPIC-M Monochrome. The RED EPIC-M Monochrome costs $42,000.