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Do you yearn for the older days of Mac OS? You know, the one with less shadows, less shading, and less colors? If you do, then you’ll want to check out Ben Vessey’s Mac OS (Old School) icon and wallpaper set that essentially turns your computer into a Mac from 1984. How much? As free […]

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I love these custom dock icons for Mac OS that Jessica Hische designed. Super simple and super easy to read. You can download them for free if you want to use them. [via]


As I mentioned earlier, the Mac OS Expand Window button (the green one) is completely stupid. The image above shows the expanded window state for my browser. Yeah, I can see a lot more of what I was looking at before now. -_- Below is a perfect example of the inconsistencies of the button within […]


I’ve used Mac OS for years and the one thing that continually puzzles me about their UI is the green Expand Window button at the left top corner of almost every application window. According to Apple, the green button is supposed to expand the window but it seems more like a Resize Window Yourself button. […]