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Wondering how Apple fit 12 hours of battery life into the new 2013 MacBook Air 13″? iFixit notes new high capacity batteries in their 2013 MBA teardown.


If you have the latest MBA or the latest MBP with Retina Display, Henge Docks now has a solution for you to easily dock and undock your laptop from a workstation. The Henge Horizontal Dock for MacBook is here and it’s got six USB 3 ports, 2 audio ports, Ethernet connection, SD card slot, FireWire […]

Ha! Did you actually believe this was real? Of course not! The MacBook Air is light, but it ain’t that light! You can’t see it, but this clever store display uses a thin wire to hold the balloon (and the MacBook Air) in place. MAGIC MYSTERY SOLVED! Thanks Clarence!

I get so angry at people who put to waste good technology and products like this. I mean, so a new MacBook Air is out. It doesn’t mean you should blow up your old one with dynamite. Idiots. [via]