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This is so sick! That custom logo plate is pretty damn fantastic. I had no idea Colorware did customization like that.


This is a treat.┬áDmitry Kovalenko has created a freely downloadable Apple MacBook Pro graphics set that you can use for mock-ups or other digital manipulation. It includes 4 views of the computer each in its own PSD which also includes closed, opened, and angled views as well as all sides of the computer. Basically, it’s […]


If you have the latest MBA or the latest MBP with Retina Display, Henge Docks now has a solution for you to easily dock and undock your laptop from a workstation. The Henge Horizontal Dock for MacBook is here and it’s got six USB 3 ports, 2 audio ports, Ethernet connection, SD card slot, FireWire […]

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I tend to trust Gizmodo on this sort of thing. It turns out the new Apple MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display isn’t really that great. Factor in the extremely high price and you have an absolutely terrible deal altogether.