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Marques always dropping some really objective info in his videos. I like watching his first impressions.

I love these design videos for Apple products. Turn off the sound, just watch floating mechanical parts fly by your screen. That’s the way to enjoy these.

I love everything about this, except for the fact that it only has one port. I’m just not ready to give up all of my peripherals.


I’m a sucker for TwelveSouth Apple accessories. This latest one that they just announced, the ParcSlope for MacBook, is yet another item I want (but definitely don’t need). It’s a stand that elevates your MacBook to an 18-degree tilt for more comfortable typing and better air cooling of the MacBook. It’s sized for current MacBooks […]

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the original PowerCurl, but it seems Quirky has redone the design for this MacBook/MacBook Pro charger organizer with a silicone wrap that keeps everything in place. A small but welcome improvement for those times when you might not have wrapped the cord around the original PowerCurl tight […]