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Istanbul, Tokyo, and Madrid showing off their 2020 Olympic Games city bid videos.

A couple of weeks back I was able to go to the Digester Eggs water treatment facility to check out how parts of NYC get usable, clean water from wastewater. It’s a huge recycling center that works very similar to how Madrid’s Canal Isabel II treats its wastewater. Check out their video infogrpahic above.

Juan Rayos filmed a group of young women carrying their longboards up a mountain in Madrid and cruising their way down. I wonder how hard this is to do. I’d love to do a video like this on a bike (I’ve tried filming on a bike before and it’s near impossible…at least for me, but […]

If there’s a place that rivals NYC in its graffiti high days, it’s probably Madrid. Maybe Berlin too, but for the sake of this post, it’s going to be Madrid for now. [via]