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Look at what I just found! Did you know that the Johnson Space Center (JSC) scanned every roll of Hasselblad camera film shot on every Apollo mission? Yep! And it’s all available to view for free in glorious hi-res! Navigation is a bit tough to tackle, but once you get it, you get to see […]

Bevan Walsh wrote and directed this amusing short called “Love Does Grow On Trees” about a young boy who discovers porn and is completely taken over by it. Then one day, he meets a lovely girl and his addiction begins to scare him into recycling his entire collection. This short has a long list of […]


Photo by Mirkin The Talk has posted a short piece surrounding Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. In it, he basically dismisses the trend magazines are doing in sending young, inexperienced fashion bloggers all over the world to cover fashion. It doesn’t sound nice, but at least he’s being real about how he feels about it.

iPad Magazine Art Direction from Brad Colbow on Vimeo. Brad Colbow bought an Apple iPad and a bunch of magazines to test out on the new device and found that they all so far do a pretty decent job of bringing print to a digital media device. [via] He previewed Time, GQ, and Popular Science […]

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The New York Times today published an article about the rise of the amateur photographer over the professionally trained photographer. In short, the NYT reports that the phenomenon is due to a number of reasons including the decreasing price of digital photography, the downward spiral of the magazine/print industry, and the rise in stock agencies […]