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I’d enjoy being pulled over more if all cops performed magic.

Who doesn’t love a little magic? Here’s a documentary about sleight of hand magician and artist Ricky Jay. I want to see this!


I really like this video from Dan and Dave that catches up with a few notable magicians and asks them why their profession is so often looked down upon by the general public. Many of them touch upon the fact that most people have never seen real, good magic — the kind that makes you […]


A nice deck from Drummond Money-Coutts, sold exclusively on Lewis Davenport Ltd. unfortunately. Also, look at the card flourishes in the video below! More photos inside of this beautiful deck!

The New Yorker published this really fascinating piece on a man named Apollo Robbins who is what some people call a “theatrical pickpocket”. That is, he pickpockets for entertainment purposes. I’ve never heard of him before but apparently within magician circles he’s very well known and often considered the absolute best pickpocket in the world. […]