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I’ve posted a video like this before, but Devour shared another video┬áin Japanese showing a super-cooled magnet levitating a toy train.

I love sugru. It’s that awesome putty material that you can shape with your hands and sticks to just about anything. You can use it to fix broken objects, extend functionality to others, and basically use it as a general-purpose repair kit. But sometimes, you need more. And that’s where the sugru magnet kit comes […]

Benjamin Vermeulen comes up with this interesting concept for assembling furniture using magnets instead of screws and bolts. I like the idea, but the trouble is…will it hold up?

Really cool, but beware, the beginning of this video has that awful styrofoam sound.

David Markus designed and built this sculpture called the Ferrite and the Ferro that lets you play around with an interactive fluid known as Ferrofluid. Basically, it’s a way to enjoy magnetic substances in liquid form. For $500, you can get both.