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A modular pen made out of magnets. It does much more than just write, too! You can get one if you support the Kickstarter.

moving objects | nº 502 – 519 from pe lang on Vimeo. This installation piece inherits an almost unreal quality as magnetic poles get switched back and forth to attract a freely floating metal disc. Slow-motion of sorts, but in real-time.

This is awesome. This guy goes through so much meticulous work just to construct this large magnetic object and then at the end, he just crushes it. Over 8000 Zen Magnets in this one…


The Magnus iPad 2 stand is a minimalistic iPad stand that makes use of the iPad 2′s internal magnets (normally reserved for use with the Smart Cover) to securely hold the iPad 2 in place in landscape mode. The stand is almost invisible once the iPad 2 is placed on it. That’s something I can […]