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WHOA. What is this place? Never heard of it before but I’d love to visit the next time in California.

Downmall from rick on Vimeo.

I posted a downhill BMX ride through a mall last year. Here is another one for this year.

What a delightful story of a group of people in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland who have been organizing walks inside a nearby mall since 1989. They are known as the Mallwalkers at Iverson Mall and their goal is to motivate each other to be healthy, stay in shape, and walk. It’s the easiest form of exercise you […]

More photos of Michael Galinsky’s photos of malls in America in the 1980s. If you’d like to purchase this amazing book, you can buy Malls Across America on Amazon for $36 (or check out some more images here).

This is an amazing video of the New South China Mall, the world’s largest ghost mall with less than 1% of its 2350 shops occupied by businesses.