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More photos of┬áMichael Galinsky’s photos of malls in America in the 1980s. If you’d like to purchase this amazing book, you can buy Malls Across America on Amazon for $36 (or check out some more images here).


I am just absolutely in love with Michael Galinsky’s photos of American malls in the ’80s. Back in 2011, he had a Kickstarter project to turn this massive personal collection of photographs into a book and it’s now on sale for those who want to own a piece of American identity. You can purchase Malls […]

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Coudal linked to this interesting collection of photos by Estan Cabigas called New Cathedrals that documents the rising acceptance of malls as places of worship amidst the largely Catholic Filipino society. I wonder if the mall is closed during the times of worship or if shoppers are just milling around while the church service is […]


I’ve posted about Brian Ulrich’s photos of abandoned shopping centers before and now his images are resurfacing once more, this time on The Morning News. Head on over to see some spectacular imagery of run-down malls, abandoned retail spaces, and empty shopping centers.


I’m really liking Jake Longstreth’s paintings of suburbia. I imagine that if I ever saw these same scenes in real life, I’d probably stop and capture the moment with my camera. [via]