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This must have looked completely insane without all the added sound effects.


What the heck man. This is what nightmares are made of for the typical New Yorkers. You want to trust that these cellar gates will hold up, even the flimsiest of them all, and you step on them countless times a day, granted, sometimes with hesitation, but you never expect them to fall through! Ahh, […]

I’m sorry, but how could anybody watching this video even believe it’s real? The words were so forced and so quick to come out of each other’s mouth, that it was just so unbelievable to me. And yep, it turns out that this video is a fake. This one was just too easy to tell.

Funny Or Die’s response to walking in NYC as a woman. Not to be taken seriously, obviously.

This video of the MAN Spacetruck was taken last year. But man, how awesome would it be if trucks started appearing on the road like this? Sort of like the Walmart WAVE prototype.