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Shelter: a look at Manchester’s homeless. Full film. from Mike Staniforth | Filmmaker on Vimeo. A heartbreaking film from Mike Staniforth that talks to several homeless people of Manchester about what it’s like to live on the streets and face the dangers coming from the drunk public and other homeless people. I feel for the […]

Do you want to see a video of incredible machines at work? Just watch the video above that shows some of the highlights from the Manchester Track World Cup. Don’t be fooled by the simple 2-wheeled nature of these athletes — these are precision vehicles designed and maintained to go as fast as possible on […]


“Making the city work together” doesn’t quite come across in this idiotic ad for the GMPTE, the public transport for Greater Manchester, UK. Somebody at the GMPTE or the agency that represents them has some explaining to do! ROFL!