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Been away on some other business for a few days. Sorry for the lack of posts. Here’s a post dump to start off March. The DigiPlate. The best explanation of the color changing blue-black/white-gold dress. Anti-homeless spikes on buildings. Anti-homeless cages. More anti-homeless spikes. Timbuk2 now lets you customize the Prospect Laptop Messenger bag. Don’t […]


These are photos from a Flickr user who’s father moved into new offices at the former Twin Towers (WTC) in NYC in March 1973. These photos show opening day at the tower.


Hahaha, this is great fun! See who is following you on Twitter by entering your name at this Japanese flash website and watching as your followers gather behind you in a parade.


Thunderheist just announced the other day that their full album is set to be released on March 31st! It’s still a fair bit of time before it comes out, but man am I excited to hear what they have in store for us all! I’ve been listening to “Jerk It” for too long and I’m […]