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Interesting short documentary from The New York Times on the problems marijuana dispensaries face in Colorado with making money as a business. In Colorado, marijuana is legal, but according to the Federal Government, it is illegal. And since all banks are insured by the federal government, this means that any funds going into a bank […]


This seems like a backwards decision to me. D.A.R.E. certainly isn’t fool-proof, but I’m sure some sort of marijuana education is better than none, so why get rid of it and focus on “character development” only? Wouldn’t it be part of character development to talk about marijuana and its effects?

You kind of end of feeling bad for this guy because of what the feds did to him despite him legally following all the rules of growing medical marijuana.

Oh my gosh. Roseanne just aged 20 years in a split second in my head. This whole time I was still picturing her in her Roseanne days.