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This is so damn scary. At around the 45 second mark a Marine gets shot by a Taliban sniper right on his helmet. Non life threatening, but damn, still scary.

Ugh, this video gave me the creeps. Too many tiny things protruding from small holes. Read more about it here.

A former Marine reveals his addiction to bath salts. You can hear his speech get muddled the more he snorts. A surprisingly coherent interview nonetheless that opens up this strange world to the rest of us.


A bit pricey, but I really dig these mats made from recycled marine rope, fashioned personally by Sophie Aschauer. The red, white, and blue one above is my particular favorite. [via]

Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions, this video uses paper puppets to show how a dead whale ends up balancing out the ocean’s ecosystem with plenty of food for all marine life.


Part of the Feel Good Blogs Network (great name by the way), The Welcome Home Blog is a wonderful digital archive of videos of military personnel returning home from duty. Lots of tears, surprises, and joyous laughter from the first page to the last. Seriously, sometimes the internet surprises you with its goodness. Thanks Tina! […]