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Mark Wahlberg goes backstage and talks with Andy Samberg about Andy’s impression of him talking to animals. If you remember, Mark was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show talking about how much he hated that SNL skit and how he wanted to punch Andy’s big nose. Well, no nose-punching took place, but Mark Wahlberg did […]

If you remember, Andy Samberg from SNL did a skit recently that parodied Mark Wahlberg talking to animals. Mark Wahlberg apparently didn’t find it funny at all and told Jimmy Kimmel that he wants to punch Andy Samberg in the face. Wow…talk about not having a sense of humor! I, for one, found the skit […]

This SNL skit is all kinds of funny. I love how Andy Samberg does such a good job of imitating Mark Wahlberg’s short-breath and short-sentence structure. The skit is completely random and it feels exactly like how Mark Wahlberg would have done it if he were to do this same skit.