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Check out this insane stop-motion battle between an animator and his creation on a whiteboard. This is dedication to the craft.


Pens’n’Paper¬†posted some images of a stainless steel Sharpie¬†that I had no idea Sharpie even made. If you’re wondering, yes, the marker is expensive, but that’s because it is refillable — huge plus (the refills are cheap too)!  

Handselecta: LIONS

Checkout NYC-based writer LIONS doing some quick tags with various markers for Handselecta.


There’s something really lovely about Randy J. Hunt’s marker drawings (more like sketches, actually) of former popular websites. Shown below are Geocities, Friendster, and Myspace. You can buy each of these drawings for $400 on Etsy.


A fantastic online portfolio of hand-drawn letters and type by Sean McCabe. Just about every single one is done with a black fine-tip marker. Impressive!