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TYOTOYS‘ Tag Your Own Box Truck is a nice Christmas present.

Is this not the best thing ever? With a milk frother, some velcro, and 5 felt-tip pens, you too can make this simple drawing machine!

Watching an illustration come to life from the stationary viewpoint of the tip of the pen/marker is pretty mind boggling.


The Edding 850, one of the original graffiti markers is available at Cult Pens for about $10.50 USD. These are incredibly hard to find nowadays and just about every online store only sells them from the UK. Anybody know of an outlet in the US where I can pick these up? Available in black, blue, […]

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KRINK just unveiled the new K-12 pen/marker today. It closely resembles the liquid white-out pens that were quite popular except that these K-12′s come in black, silver, red, and purple. Get ‘em here.