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So, a giraffe went looking for some food near the Lion Park Reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Great historical piece by Animal on the uphill battle to pass the Fair Housing Act of 1968 after the death of MLK, Jr.


Photographer Michael Friberg goes in a helicopter high over Phoenix, Arizona to get a glimpse of how suburban sprawl is a poor use of land and a seemingly dizzying visual spectacle. It’s cookie-cutter architecture and planning at its best and worst. Check out the images inside.

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I can’t imagine this would be a long-term issue (I mean, somebody has to crack this eventually right?), but in the meantime, it’s good to know that grey-market/unofficial Lightning cables will not charge the iPhone 5 because of a missing authentication chip in the cable itself.

Now you know it anyway (Nu ken je het toch al) from Polder Animation on Vimeo. Now You Know It Anyway by Polder Animation is a short film that aired before The Smurfs in all Pathe Cinemas in the Netherlands. The film is about a girl who shares a short story she wrote with a […]