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Remember that shooting just a few days ago in Bryant Park’s ice skating rink? The reason for the shooting was that a teen wanted a “Biggie” jacket from another individual. The “Biggie” is a street name for a specific type of Marmot brand jacket that is sold in a number of ski shops, particularly in […]


So that ultra-comfy Marmot 8000M Parka? Yeah, they sell that as a body suit for $800. I still don’t agree with the color scheme, but man, if I climbed mountains I would buy this.


Don’t be fooled by the McDonald’s colorway, this Marmot 8000M Parka is by far one of the comfiest jackets I have ever tried on. It is puffy, as you can see, but I could probably climb a mountain wearing nothing underneath except maybe a T-shirt and a thermal. It is that good. Thank God it […]

This 100% waterproof shell is very nice. It packs down into one of the pockets for easy storage. I tried this on. I’m probably going to buy it. Bought it.