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Haha, this is so great. Jordan Halland intended to propose to his girlfriend Summer Jones, but he found out that she found out that it was going to happen one night, he scrapped his original plan and went for something a little more unexpected — 3 marriage proposal fake-outs – and then, of course, the real […]

From the video description: In May of 2013, I spent 4 weeks traveling through Mozambique and South Africa with my girlfriend. On this trip, I asked her to marry me. This video is a reflection of my thoughts and emotions during that time. Absolutely beautiful.

Damn. This is a truly moving commercial from Expedia about one father’s struggle with his daughter’s same-sex relationship (and subsequent marriage) and the journey he went through to fully understand why it didn’t matter that she wasn’t marrying a man at her wedding. The ad according to Adrants was first released online and now the ad […]

On March 30, 2013, Tim and Bennie took a walk in the gloomy weather in The Castro and happened upon a flashmob dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Unbeknownst to Bennie is the fact that Tim has planned this whole thing out with the help of SF Flashmob Crew and at the end of the dance, Tim […]


Last summer I posted about the wonderful website put together by Russ Maschmeyer and Jessica Hische — two wonderful artists — about how they met and their plans for getting married. Well, since then, it looks like the couple has gotten married! Here’s the video put together by Belvedere Stories!