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Take a look at this photo that Belgian photographer Nick Hannes took of a gas station owner in Greece using his business space for his own wedding venue. A unique view on life in a photographic series exploring the area that used to be the Roman Empire.

Marrying At 100 from Zack Conkle on Vimeo. Dana Jackson, 100, and Bill Stauss, 87, prove that it’s never too late to get married.

The female version of the Gay Men Will Marry Your Boyfriends bit from CollegeHumor which I posted last week.

Man, this was good!!! Update: Isaac Lamb and his soon-to-be wife are in the news!


A nice short film about a girl who goes on a wild sporadic adventure after her boyfriend asks her to marry him. Directed by Benjamin Villeda. The photos are quite nice as well.

An old video from July 24th of last year, but the first time I’m seeing it since Rebecca Davis uploaded it.