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Mars One is currently taking applications for highly qualified individuals to go to Mars by 2023. It’s a one-way ticket to the Martian surface which means…whoever goes is going to die there.

And here’s a video explaining why. A cushion of air forms between the melting dry ice and the hot sand (simulated here on Earth) and causes the dry ice to essentially move for a very distance without stopping. Cool!


There’s something really badass about seeing this image of Curiosity Rover’s wheels on Mars. Look at the full-res image. So damn clear.


In an effort to make all of their candy bars at or under the 250 calorie limit, Mars will be shaving off approximately 11 percent off of Snickers — effectively making them shorter. How will they package these shorter bars? In two or four packs to encourage sharing or saving one for later. Wait…that’s more […]