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Peeps celebrating 60 years of colorful marshmallow goodness

In 1953, it took 26 hours to create a batch of Peeps marshmallow candies. Today, that process only takes 6 minutes. Here’s a look at the famous Easter-season treat.

Remember the cute marshmallow test featuring little kids resisting the urge to eat a marshmallow placed in front of them? The University of Rochester built on that experiment and concluded that kids in unstable environments are more likely to engage in activities that provide immediate satisfaction. One of the reasons is because unstable environments are […]


Yesterday I posted a cute video of a bunch of kids attempting to resist the urge to eat a marshmallow during an experiment. The video posted yesterday was actually a remake of an experiment by Joachim de Posada that looks at delayed gratification in young kids and the link it has to how successful those […]

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo. This might be one of my favorite videos online. In this video, various children are told to sit in a chair in a room with one marshmallow. The adult tells the child that they can either eat the marshmallow now or wait until they come back and […]