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The gallery at CityLore is currently hosting Moving Murals: Henry Chalfant & Martha Cooper’s All-City Graffiti Archive. It’s an exhibition running through July 10 of Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper’s seminal study of graffiti art and street culture from as early as the ’70s in NYC. The gallery features an interactive look at Chalfant’s iBook Henry Chalfant’s […]


If you know Martha Cooper, then you know graffiti. Or wait, maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, the two are inseparable. If there’s graffiti to be photographed, then Martha is either there or has already been there way before you have. She’s the mother/grandmother (whatever you want to use) of graffiti and her […]

Wow, this is amazing. This archive video shows how graffiti photographer legends Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant got their start photographing graffiti in the NYC Subway system. Sometimes they got calls, sometimes they happened across it, but it was new and fresh and exciting and they were on the forefront of the artform. [via] If […]


Got to see RETNA painting the Deitch Wall tonight. Martha Cooper was on hand to document of course.

The “God-mother of graffiti” Martha Cooper is featured in this Here Comes The Neighborhood video about photographing the Wynwood Walls in Miami. I’ve never seen these walls in person, but this community looks like it’d be great to walk through. Thanks Yelena!