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Brand New writes about Chuck E. Cheese’s new 3D mascot. It’s like a character out of Ratatouille.


I really like photographer Benjamin Bechet’s series showing mascots, superheroes, and cartoon characters pretty much down and out in the real world. Scenes showing Minnie Mouse sweeping the floors, Donald Duck selling flowers to restaurant patrons, and Batman pumping gas at a gas station are so amusing. I’d die for all of these costumes. More […]

I wonder if Joyce would wear this if I got her a Hello Kitty costume.


I’ve been drinking a lot of ginger beer lately and trying different brands to see how they differ. This one I’m drinking today is simply called “Ginger Beer” and its mascot is a ginger root riding a tiger. Seriously, it’s pretty hilarious. And it tastes really good too.


I’m not fond of people robbing any place, but there was just something so hilarious about that video I posted last week of the robber who attempted to hold up a 7-11 in a Gumby costume. It turns out you can buy that Gumby Costume on Amazon for just $40. Maybe I wear this to […]


Photo: Jim Bourg/Reuters How does anybody wear such a heavy suit in the middle of the desert? One look at this and I knew it was taken at Burning Man: Rites of Passage. Those folks are nuts. That’s a bear right? Chipmunk? Not sure what it is exactly…