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It turns out that genes play a big part in how big and muscular an individual can get. Lower levels of Myostatin in a person can mean more muscle mass.

mass, a solo exhibition by Nicole Naone from Anthony Vallejo-Sanderson on Vimeo. Everything about this is just beautiful.

LA Metro: Promoting Mass Transit from EMBARQ Network on Vimeo. In order to make the LA Metro more appealing to its citizens, LA decided to advertise its mass transit much like a private company would. The results are mostly good as ridership has increased and so has public perception of LA Metro.


The best Apple product yesterday wasn’t even in an announcement. Apple released a free app via the App Store called Configurator that basically allows schools, businesses, rental houses, and anybody who has more than 1 iOS device to configure their devices for easy resetting and mass distribution. If you would like to try it out, […]


Ok, this is certainly going to take a lot of my time. Complex has compiled a list of the 50 best public transit fights on video. PS: I hate Complex’s pagination. It’s all about racking up pageviews and ad hits. Stupid navigation.


There’s been a lot of different kinds of media coming out of the inauguration ceremonies and lots of different ways to display it. Some choose to show it straight forward (picture by picture) while others take a more interactive approach. I really think CNN did a fantastic job of incorporating Microsoft’s Photosynth technology in order […]