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I much prefer this method of destroying a car to the industrial shredder or crusher.


I really like this set of photos posted at PDN of Israeli photographer Natan Dvir’s response to being bombarded by massive billboards and advertising upon a visit to NYC. He waits for the perfect moment to catch seemingly small NYC citizens against these massive “Coming Soon” backdrops. The result is a bit unnerving yet amusing. […]

An entry inĀ animade.tv’s Full Secs project where people have to create a 1-second film sandwiched between a title card and end slate. Here is MASSIVE JUGS by James D. Wilson.

GLOBE’S ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN from GLOBE on Vimeo. You saw the teaser, now see the full film. Globe presents Electric Blue Heaven, the world’s best wave pool located in the heart of the Middle East desert. It’s massive!!!

This is more exciting and fun to watch than those videos shot from the shore with a long lens.