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Remember the video of the Mieders Alpine Coaster (the single-seat gravity-driven rollercoaster down an entire mountain)? Well, Japan has something like it except it’s part of a playground slide that is unusually long. Looks like fun!!

Holy cow, massive nose. That’s all I could think about when watching this music video.

Look at this massive dust storm heading into Lubbock, Texas on October 17, 2011! The world literally turns orange in a matter of seconds. Thanks John!

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com. NBC is reporting that corruption is beginning to grow within the ranks of Occupy Wall Street. And they keep $230,000 in a bank.


Photo: Andrea Morales/The New York Times The New York Times has a great article and slideshow about the wonderful amount of public art that is on display this summer and fall. Some of them are massive so if you’re passing by that neighborhood they’re kind of hard to miss, while others are slightly smaller in […]