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Remember that video I posted back in November of Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, a mega-city of Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars zipping around on a track? Well Attack of the Show caught up with Chris Burden and his masterpiece in this episode embedded above and we find out just a bit more about the creation — like […]

OMG. This might be the greatest track car setup ever! Seen here is Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, a bustling mechanical contraption that sends 1200 custom matchbox cars to their never-ending destinations. The huge machine is on display now at the LA County Museum. I’m so sad that I just missed this!!


Not the cheapest toilet paper roll dispenser you can buy, but at $59, this sure is a fine way to show off your eye for designer bathroom goods. Now you can get rid of that gigantic jar of matches sitting on the water tank in the bathroom.