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Wait, cats can be impregnated by multiple cats??????!?!!!! Ugh, this puts a whole new perspective on the meowing I hear from the feral cats out of my window. Gross.

A MIND MADE FOR MATING! by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo. Fast-talking Jason Silva explains how the mind is the human version of peacock feathers. This type of video reminds me of the Nooma series.

A new species of spider captured on video doing a mating dance. Music added for amusement I’m sure. Or not? [via]

I hate spiders, they just gross me out. But I gotta say, these Australian Peacock Spiders definitely don’t look as nasty as other spiders I’ve seen. Take note however, that watching the video above — which in and of itself is pretty interesting — will require you to be subjected to the worst nature video […]

Those Australians are so crazy… I love how this AP news video included the mating call once again right at the very end. In case you missed it.