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Matthias Wandel is a master carpenter. Here he is making a special parallelogram baby gate for the bottom portion of a set of stairs. The baby gate folds upwards into the staircase.

Matthias Wandel, better known for his wooden gears and other moving contraptions made of wood, goes back to the basics here and builds his mother a nice laptop stand. Really nice DIY job.


Matthias Wandel is back at it with his wooden inventions, this time unveiling a nifty device he calls the Jenga Pistol. The Jenga Pistol can shoot Jenga blocks out from the Jenga tower so quickly that the layer of blocks on top fall down and do not cause the tower to fall. It’s swift and […]

Matthias Wandel, the genius behind the previously posted binary marble adding machine has once again amazed me with his outstanding woodwork. In the video above, you can see Wandel’s wooden combination lock. He explains the details of how the lock works and how it compares to other popular non-wooden combination locks.


The Binary Marble Adding Machine by Matthias Wandel is just extraordinary. It’s a simple 6-bit calculator that’s completely analog, meaning that the entire thing is made of wood and is activated by marbles! There are no actual computer parts to this calculator. You can think of it as a distant cousin of the abacus (but […]