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Remember Victoria? The sweet, little then-15-year-old girl who made waves on the internet for her stupidity on Maury? She was the one who claimed to have had sex over 300 times with many different men just because she wanted to have a baby. Well, she sorta (???) came to her senses and settled down I […]

Cel’Andrea, a 13-year-old “Wild Teen” on the Maury show, appeared as a guest to tell the whole world that Snooki is her idol. Just to make it clear, she’s talking about Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Yep! Anybody have a clearer clip of this segment? Maury seems to be back again!!


Joyce sends over this hilarious site at Holy Maury Mother of God that basically recaps the latest Maury shows using the best screengrabs possible. If you’re like me and you don’t have the time to watch Maury but love his show anyway, then this site is going to be something you’ll want to bookmark.

This is just a quick update on Jessica, the 200-pound 4-year-old that I mentioned earlier today. Inside Edition caught up with Jessica and her mom to see what has been done about the child’s obesity problem, and it turns out that the news is good! Since the Maury show, Jessica has lost somewhere around 320 […]


This is terrible, but this is also very funny. [via]