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There’s no Mac version of this game, and for all I know, the game is no longer worth it with all of the crazy DRM talk and mismanagement going on, but it is still nice to watch the game play out the way it’s supposed to. Here’s a guy named Sips playing the game, for […]


BGR reports on a rising issue being noticed by SimCity players (those that can play at least). It seems that beyond the server issues plaguing the game, an even bigger issue has surfaced, one that claims the game’s GlassBox engine is flawed. The GlassBox engine was supposed to be the brains behind the game, controlling all sims and services […]


Polygon reviewed an early-release of EA’s SimCity and found it to be near-flawless. They say it’s a highly addicting game that garners an impressive 9.5/10 rating. On top of that, they note that while the game idea hasn’t changed much since its inception, the gameplay itself is much improved and just beautiful to look at. […]

SimCity Presents Burn Some Coal

I am excited for this game but I’m so disappointed that Maxis/EA can’t give a release date for a Mac version of this game yet.


A reminder to myself (and to anybody willing to purchase this for me) that pre-ordering SimCity Limited Edition would be a nice Christmas gift (even though it doesn’t come out until March 2013).

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It’s official folks! SimCity will be released on March 5, 2013! Lock in your pre-order price now!