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You know, because this is sorta like dramatic prairie dog. Anyway, it boggles my mind that the original clip from which this video takes its inspiration has had over 11 MILLION views. Now that really makes my eyes pop!


Daryl Cagle’s political cartoon above describes the situation right now in America pretty accurately. I know it’s early, but even at this point, I really don’t see how McCain could win this election. I’m doing the calculations and it just doesn’t add up. I like watching the live updates on CNN’s Election Center page. Anyway, […]

“That Bible story is actually…McCain and Abel.” Haha, nice. This is one long music video about how old McCain is. That’s pretty much it. [via]

Hahaha, John McCain probably felt like an idiot when he called on “Joe the plumber” to stand up at a rally only to realize that “Joe the plumber” (whose real name is Samuel) wasn’t actually there! Man, nothing seems to be going right at these McCain rallies.


We are currently about 8 days away from the Presidential election and news is popping up all over the place that suggests the McCain-Palin duo aren’t as happy as they seem. Some McCain aids are even describing Palin as “going rogue“, citing an incident at a recent rally in Florida where she addressed the issue […]