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This augmented reality app for the iPad can overlay important maintenance information over your car’s engine and help you fix things without the help of a mechanic. I like this!


Here’s an¬†interesting¬†thread that asks the mechanics on Reddit what cars show up most frequently in their shop. Maybe a good crowd-sourced way to figure out what car NOT to buy…?

Look at this ingenius idea for a chair meant specifically for mechanics to go from a sitting position to a laying down position in just seconds with the flick of a switch — without ever having to get up. It’s called the HumanHoist and it’s not commercially available.

Here’s a beautiful video from Etsy featuring Adam Cramer of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles in Philadelphia about the loss of industrial manufacturing expertise in the United States. Adam talks about the design and beauty of vintage motorcycles and how he restores them to their original condition. It’s like he’s got his own collection in his shop. […]

Jim Quattrocki shot this short video of Bart Hickey, owner of B.A.T. Automotive, who has a unique backstory of being a blind car mechanic. For such a technical and hands-on job, it’s amazing that Bart is able to do it all without sight. Truly an inspiring person to get to know, even if it’s only […]