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Every Monday night (since 1992!), Dr. Jim Withers and a small crew of doctors and medical students venture out into the streets of Pittsburgh to give free medical care to those who have otherwise been ostracized from society. His mission is a simple yet important one — to treat everybody as a human being and […]

According to this Korean doctor, traditional Korean medicines used feces from animals and humans quite regularly to treat an assortment of ailments. While certainly out of common practice, the act of making “feces wine”, a sort of medicine, is at least still made by this doctor. How? By using the poo from a 4-7 year […]

This is amazing. 39-year-old Andrew Johnson has undergone Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery to treat his¬†Parkinson’s Disease. DBS implants devices into the patients brain to send constant neurological¬†electrodes in order to control shaking and movement. In this video, Andrew shows how amazing and drastic the difference is when the DBS sensor is turned off compared […]

Here’s proof that one disease can be used effectively to kill off another disease. In this case, the HIV virus is being used to basically get rid of cancer cells in a patient. It’s a controversial and early form of treatment, but one that has shown some progress. Who would have thought, right?

Medicinal snake wine sounds like the cure-all drink! Why isn’t the Western world in on this?! Haha.

This gives me the creeps like no other. A young woman named Shanyna Isom had an unusual allergic reaction to an asthma medicine which ended up making her body produce skin cells in her hair follicles at 12 times the normal rate. In other words, Shayna was literally growing tiny human nails where her hairs […]