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This is interesting. Looks like Phase One is set on releasing a series of medium format cameras that are mirrorless under the “A” moniker. Wireless connectivity too if we are going by the image above.

This is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen lately. It’s┬áthe work of Maison Carnot who shot this entire video in Paris through the viewfinder of a Pentax 67 medium-format camera.


This might be one of the wackiest things I’ve seen lately in digital photography. The Vizelex RhinoCam for Sony NEX E-Mount Cameras is a $500 attachment for Sony NEX cameras that transforms the compact digital camera into a medium-format digital back. The device can deliver images as insane as 140MP all through a clever and […]


It’s incredible what new sensor technology can bring about these days. Here we have the brand-new Phase One IQ180, an 80MP medium format digital back that includes USB 3.0 transfer on top of the usual FireWire connection. And the LCD on this baby is supposedly close to the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 (if […]

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Seen here is a video of the new Pentax 645D medium format digital camera. It uses a Kodak 43x33mm sensor that can output 40MP. And at only $10,000, it’s actually a lot cheaper than some other alternatives on the market and will hopefully put some pressure on some other companies to make the jump into […]