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Going back in time today to one of the earliest internet memes I can remember. Who remembers this?


So…if you ever wished the web could offer you a to-do list with the Sophisticated Cat Meme as its basis,well then, here you go.

‘Gallon Smashing’ is the dumbest internet thing to come to the internet

I don’t often agree with Gawker, but in this case I simply must. Gallon Smashing, a new internet meme involving smashing at least two gallon jugs of milk or juice while pretending to slip on a supermarket floor, is really, really, really stupid. Watch the video inside to see how ridiculous this meme is and […]

The story behind KEYBOARD CAT

VICE goes deep into internet meme history with Brad O’Farrell and his keyboard cat videos which eventually took the internet by storm. I didn’t know this until just now after watching the video but apparently the video of the cat was an entirely different video altogether shot in 1985 by an artist named Charlie Schmidt […]