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Laughing Squid just posted this video of a gadget that I’ve always wanted to be real. The Memoto is a small, clip-on camera that can take 5MP images automatically so that a moment you’re experiencing is never missed. The project has currently been fully funded already but you can still lock in your own Memoto […]

WEST COAST RECAP from Herman Yung on Vimeo. Nothing like heartbreak staring you in the face everyday as you blog. This post has been in drafts mode for quite some time now and every time I’m at my computer it looks back at me as if to say “publish or trash it — don’t save […]


There aren’t a whole lot of Medium sites up at the moment, but the one I like the best so far is this one called When I Was A Kid. It’s exactly as it says, with submissions of photos and text of people reminiscing about their childhoods. Brings me back!

Moments In China from Ryan Emond on Vimeo. Ryan Emond made this nice short film about his travels in China last month. That Hong Kong skyline…I will never tire of seeing it. And this is reminding me that I should go back to China very soon.