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Here’s a game called Circles that’s basically a modern take on Simon. The game is for iOS devices and it looks lovely!

A lot of what Daniel Kahneman says here is written about in Daniel Gilbert’s book (Stumbling On Happiness) that I’ve been reading. If you remember, I posted another talk from Kahneman before about why moving to California won’t make you happy, and now he talks here about how actual experience and memory are often not […]

WEST COAST RECAP from Herman Yung on Vimeo. Nothing like heartbreak staring you in the face everyday as you blog. This post has been in drafts mode for quite some time now and every time I’m at my computer it looks back at me as if to say “publish or trash it — don’t save […]

UBS “Stephen Wiltshire” from HUMBLE TV on Vimeo. I posted about Stephen Wiltshire’s amazing talent a few years back but have never before posted this video of him actually at work. What’s unique about Stephen is that he can see a place just once and draw it in extreme detail — down to the number […]

After Joshua Foer visited a National Memory Championship competition, he was intrigued by the way people with no special mental handicaps were able to memorize extravagant amounts of data. He dug deeper and found out that people like us could also do the same, we just needed to train our heads to use that portion […]