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Drawing by FRANK FLĂ–THMANN NOOOOOO WAAAYYY! Somebody stole me and my brothers’ idea of a blog where you just draw everything from memory to the best of your ability! The only difference here is that this blog — Bike Drawings — is entirely composed of user-submitted bicycle drawings (but still all from memory). Some of […]

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a great stress test for the Samsung SDHC line of memory cards as it doesn’t really try to destroy the card, but I gotta hand it to Samsung for creating this great miniature carnival ride for their product. I’d ride it (that’s what she said). [via]


Hello folks! Ryan informs me that Adorama is currently having a nice sale on SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CF Cards, selling each one at only $25. A pretty significant amount of savings from retail value so if you’re shooting a lot of DSLR video these days or just shooting lots of RAW images, maybe this […]

Over at You Are Not So Smart is a post about the “misinformation effect”, a term coined to describe the misconception of memories as accurate playback of events. In truth, memories are reconstructed each time we recall them which can lead to one telling a small lie in a memory and eventually believing that lie […]


Photo: AP Photo/Keith Srakocic At the funeral service for Billy Mays on Friday, July 3, 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA, the pallbearers all donned the iconic blue shirt uniform that Billy Mays made famous through his OxiClean infomercials. The Herald Dispatch has a couple of more photos from the funeral. Photo: AP Photo/ St. Petersburg Times, […]